Food grade Diatomaceous Earth 250gr


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What is food grade Diatomaceous Earth?

The word “diatomaceous” comes from the root word “diatom”, which is a single-celled organism found in freshwater lakes and riverbeds. Diatomaceous earth is a powder that looks like chalk that is made up entirely of these diatoms that have over thousands of years fossilized. These diatoms can be used, to promote health, preserve food, and even control many common household pests & insects. Food grade Diatomaceous Earth.

Where does diatomaceous earth come from?

Diatomaceous earth forms over a long period of time as millions of single-celled organisms in lake beds gets fossilized. These lake beds then dry up, exposing the sedimentary deposit that is called diatomaceous earth.

What is DE used for?

Food grade DE (Diatomaceous Earth) is used for a great many things, almost all of which fall into two main (and rather unrelated) categories: health benefits and pest control. It is either taken internally as a supplement or used as a natural solution to treat all kinds of insects. There are other grades like pool grade DE that are used to filter water, but have been treated and are not safe for consumption. Make sure you have the right grade for the job.

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