C60 dosage Calculator

Carbon60 dosage calculator

The Baati study used the following numbers:
1.7 mg/kg x 0.8 mg/ml = 2.125 ml per kg bodyweight.
These high figures were used for their research on toxidity, which showed; it’s not toxic.

If we scale these figures up to bigger mammals, for example, we can get the following figures;
Subject weights 80 kg = 80 x 2.125 ml = 170 ml per dose.

Now that is a lot. And if you are attempting to simulate dosage used on the Baati Study (they were testing toxicity), the dosage is adjusted by a factor of 30%.

170 ml x 30% (0.3) = 57 ml/dose.

If following the Baati study; Administer this daily for 7 days (Empty stomach!), then weekly for 2 months, then every two weeks thereafter (for 7 months) if you want to follow the researchers approach.

Read here about the Baati study. There have been studies suggesting that C60 may also enhance Autophagy*.

* Autophagy is the natural, regulated, destructive mechanism of the cell that disassembles unnecessary or dysfunctional components.