fuller carbon affiliate

How it works

Sign up, and help people boost their immune systems and earn 10% on sales.

There are 2 ways to become an affiliate

  • Register yourself as an affiliate through this link,
  • Or, Create an account during checkout and you become an affiliate automatically.

As an affiliate, you will receive 10% of all sales generated by your affiliate link.

After becoming a member you go to Affiliate login. When logged in, you click on Affiliate home, which takes you to your affiliate panel. Here you can track all the clicks and see your earned commission.

For integration in websites

On the homepage, you can click on ‘Creatives‘ to select a link (Creative) that you like to use. These links are for integration into websites. Copy that link and paste it your website.

For sharing on social media, messages, emails etc.

Paste the url (https://fullercarbon.com/your_unique_affiliate_number) on social media, in emails or private messages, whatsapp, twitter, you name it. The more locations, the better. Because: when the unconscious mind sees something 3 times or more, it accepts it as true.

Spread the link far and wide. We need to boost our systems to be safe from viruses and bioweapons.

Questions? Mail us.