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Make Chaga tincture from our wild Siberian Chaga powder

To make a Chaga tincture you should take 30% of ground Chaga mushroom and 70% of alcohol. Insist a couple of months. Alcohol strength should be 40-55 degrees. Don’t use undiluted spirit 96 degrees. Usual vodka will be enough.
Take 2 teaspoons 3-4 times a day before meal.

Make Chaga tea from our wild Siberian Chaga powder

Chaga tea. Cover with hot water and insist 40 minutes. Proportion Chaga/water 1:5. Water not should have a very high temperature. 70-80 celsius will be enough. The ideal way is to insist on Chaga in a thermos (for example insist on in the evening and take Chaga during the day). Dosage: Take 1-3 glasses a day.
Proportion 1:5 is a very strong tea. If it will very strong for you, you can reduce dosage to 1:10 or 1:15

The tea should have a nice taste. You can put some experiments. When the tea will have a nice taste for you, this will be your ideal dosage.

Chaga accumulates antioxidant components for counteraction to adverse environmental conditions, so, the Colder climate, the more antioxidant activity.
Extracts from Siberian and North-Canadian Chaga have antioxidant activity 30000-35000 SOD/g, European Chaga has antioxidant activity 12000-16000 SOD/g, Chinese artificially grown have antioxidant activity 5000-8000 SOD/g. (Brunswick Lab; USA)

Our Chaga was harvested in Wild Nature in the West-South part of Siberia (name of Region: The Republic of Altay). Approx. Coordinates (52.248644, 86.509487).

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