Carbon60 99.99%


  • 99.954% pure Carbon60
  • Solvent-free
  • Organic, Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Portugal
  • Filtered through 0.22-micron filter
  • 100 ml. Miron Glass bottle
  • 1 ml pipet

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Pulverised Carbon60  99.99% pure. Alchemically enhanced.

  • Solvent free
  • Organic extra Virgin Olive Oil from Portugal
  • Non filtered
  • 100 ml.
  • 1 ml pipet
  • Pulverised Red Lion c60

60% increase in the effectiveness of our Carbon60 99.99%!

Dear customer, we’ve recently increased the quality of our product.  It is 60% better than all previous batches and sensitive people will notice the difference.

However we’ve kept the taste of our C60 olive oil product as smooth as always, but you may notice a hint of spice from it.

There’s been a breakthrough as regards the red color. As you may know, the red color is visible because solvents are attached to the C60 molecule. In our case, there are no solvents used, and our C60 forms natural crystals which hide the red color. The new color will not be as red as before but we’re delighted nonetheless.

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Store your bottle cool and dark. Very important.

Disclaimer: We make no claims, guarantees, assurances, or warranties about carbon 60 olive oil whatsoever. The product is presented as a mixture of carbon 60 and olive oil and is sold for use by independent researchers and for lab research and testing purposes only.

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