How to use DMSO

The most effective method to utilize DMSO: Clean your hands prior to applying DMSO, since it carries substances through the skin. For intense wounds, apply up to multiple times a day. For ongoing conditions, apply twice daily. It very well may be utilized indefinitivly. Apply a limited quantity to the difficult territory and focus on it. Wash your hands completely after applying DMSO.

Keep away from contact with harmful substances for three hours. Since it opens up your pores, cease from being around harmful substances.

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DMSO for Chronic pain

How to use DMSO with CHRONIC PAIN

Chronic pain is defined as pain that lasts at least 12 weeks. The pain may feel sharp or dull, causing a burning or aching sensation in the affected areas. It may be steady or intermittent, coming and going without any apparent reason. Chronic pain can occur in nearly any part of your body. Go to shop

DMSO for injury recovery


The most common sports injuries are strains and sprains Sprains are injuries to ligaments, the tough bands connecting bones in a joint. Suddenly stretching ligaments past their limits deforms or tears them. Strains are injuries to muscle fibers or tendons, which anchor muscles to bones. Buy your DMSO here

DMSO fo joint painr


Joint pain can be discomfort, pain or inflammation arising from any part of a joint — including cartilage, bone, ligaments, tendons or muscles. Most commonly, however, joint pain refers to arthritis or arthralgia, which is inflammation or pain from within the joint itself. Joint pain can be acute and/or chronic.

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Dimethyl Sulfoxide 99.9%

Dr Stanley W. Jacob, the “father of DMSO”, and the only doctor featured exclusively on 60 Minutes for his work with DMSO. To view the full 18-minute 60Minutes segment, go to